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3 Music Promotional Techniques


Here are 3 efficient marketing methods that have been used effectively by numerous renowned bands and are still working today. Let’s go to work on unearthing them!


Make a Website for Music


Don’t be fooled by social media and streaming services into thinking you don’t require a website. Your musician brand includes your webpage. It’s your online portfolio, where you may promote your records, sell event tickets, engage with fans, and share your story.


A website does not have to be costly or time-consuming to be effective. To save time and money, choose professional website builders using pre-made layouts. Consider creating a one-page website to draw attention to a single subject, in this case, your music. Ensure that your website’s navigation is simple and intuitive so that visitors don’t have to waste time clicking around.


After that, you can advertise it to your present and future fans.


Use Digital Platforms to Distribute Your Music


Modern technology has made it easier to reach your target audience. Music streaming services are one example. Among the most popular are Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, and YouTube Music Unlimited. These platforms make it simple to share albums, tracks, and listeners.


Make an informed decision about your platform. Assume that you’ve already decided on your target demographic as part of your marketing plan. What kind of equipment do they have? Soundcloud is fantastic for electronic music and remixes. So, if you’re a musician who creates this style of music, sign up for Soundcloud.


Don’t limit yourself to a single platform. Greater platforms equals more exposure. However, if you know how to get noticed. Find unofficial or independent Spotify curators to get your song added to their playlists. Find an aggregator or music distributor to get on Apple Music. Examine each platform’s capabilities and features, and then share your music if you’re satisfied.


Use social media to promote your music


It’s no surprise that social media is one of the most popular music marketing tactics, with 49% of the world’s population utilising it. It has the potential to help you promote your music, enhance fan engagement, and perhaps go viral with your next single!


But how can you develop a video that goes viral on social media? People are quick to share positive and engaging content. They prefer video, which is advantageous to you. A well-made video containing your song can draw in a large number of viewers.

NFT marketing Malaysia

The use of social media can aid in the development of a fan base. Make your social profiles stand out and interact with your fans on a regular basis. You can also meet new people by joining online music groups.


Take into account which social media platforms your target demographic utilises. After that, establish a strategy and decide what material to publish. Learn about Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram marketing. Using the best social media marketing techniques for music can help you grow your network over time. Visit NFT marketing Malaysia for more information.