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Grocery Tips For Workaholics

Too busy to prepare foods for your family or even yourself? Worry not, here are a few tips on how to keep your groceries good.

The very first thing you will need to do is decide how you want to store your ingredients, especially raw wet ingredients.

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The most common storing method used by most people is by using reusable containers. This is best if you want your wet ingredients to be cut small because a whole sized fish surely will not fit into the containers. You are suggested to buy containers that fit your refrigerator or freezer because you don’t want to waste any space you have. If you have a smaller refrigerator, using zip-locks are highly suggested because you will be able to fold and stack your wet ingredients in it. Also, you can choose to store it according to the amount that you are going to use at one time. This is to avoid the ingredients from smelling bad and also will reduce the time taken to defrost the frozen food.

Secondly, order your groceries online.  

There will be pros and cons of buying online especially when it comes to the wet ingredients. You might not get them how you prefer it to be but you will not have time to go to the stores either. So, this is the best way to prepare your food. It will not only save your time but will also give you more time to do your work without having to think about going to the grocery store. With todays’ situation where we should work from home and limit our movements outside, this is a great initiative. We have a line of fresh vegetables online delivery Malaysia that provides delivery services with low charges which means it also will not cost you a lot of money.

Writing dates on your wet ingredients and groceries is also one of the good ways to prepare your food.

This tip is to make sure you will only keep it for suggested time and not wasting your money. Use markers or stickers to mark the date you bought the food. Mainly, this is for the wet ingredients so you can cook it according to the date you bought. You don’t want to keep your fish and meat for too long, isn’t it? You can also use the same method on fruits and vegetables to make sure you can eat it fresh.

For other ingredients such as sauces, milk and juices you can write the date you opened the bottles and boxes just to be aware of it. It is also suggested to write the expiring date especially for things that expire in a short time such as bread and beans.

In conclusion, even as a busy person you can easily prepare your food using these three tips which is by deciding how you want to store your food, order them online to save your money and time and lastly by writing dates on all those ingredients to make sure you can use it before it gets bad.