How Digital Data is Beneficial?

1. Boost Your Productivity

Our consumers have saved a lot of time because of digitalization. And, as we’ve seen firsthand, these time savings contribute to increased corporate efficiency.


The consumer may now finish this transaction in under 10 minutes by switching to Appenate. This is accomplished by reducing paper and instead of depending on mobile forms (digital data collection). Our formulae take care of the arithmetic, and the customer receives a price practically immediately.


This time savings frees up resources that may be put to better use elsewhere, such as on high-growth projects. As we’ll see in the following point.

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2. Unrestricted Business Development


It’s uncommon for a company to expand without incurring more expenses and rising overheads. There are several exceptions, but they do exist.


One option is to implement a solid digital data gathering system that is tailored to your company’s needs.


The example from the first point also applies here. Having the capacity to quote in less time allowed us to take on more customers without having to hire more teams — to a degree, at least.


3. Real-world cost savings


Yes, even with the expenditures of a new digital platform, transitioning to digital data collecting saves customers a lot of money.


And not only in terms of printing expenditures.


One for example, a client used to hire a full-time contractor only to manage their data. This included gathering data from the field, recording it on a computer, cleaning it up, and transmitting it to the customer.


They recognized they didn’t need to incur this expense after finding Appenate and using our solution, and they were able to free up a complete 40-hour work week.


Their field technicians now use their mobile devices to collect data. Without anybody having to lift a finger, this information is posted to Appenate and transmitted directly to the customer using Email & REST Connector (after setting things up to run automatically, at least).

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4. Secure Data Reduces Delays


Manual paper procedures created substantial delays. Because, in reality, paper gets misplaced from time to time. It becomes soiled, rips, and so on.


It’s just untrustworthy.


This client had to start over every time a stack of their compliance documentation was misplaced. Switching to digital data collecting means a more secure method to retain documents and the elimination of these inconvenient delays.


5. Data-driven decision-making is faster and easier.


When you have reliable facts at your fingertips, making decisions is much simpler. Almost every customer appreciates this feature.


It’s easy to take for granted the capacity to check up on pertinent information on a digital platform before making a choice. For those who depend on paper, this is a time-consuming hunt through file cabinets, where they must manually gather all of the relevant data.


Hiring a full-time data capture individual (or perhaps a team!) to make the data accessible in a digital format is one option.


Once clients join up, they have easy access to their data, making it simpler for them to make rapid, data-driven choices. This, in turn, often leads to more efficient corporate expansion.


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