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How To Motivate a Guy To Express His Feelings

There are times when a guy is in love with a girl, but because they are close friends, he does not know how to break the news. He is afraid that once he will tell her his feelings, even their friendship will evaporate, especially if he will be rejected. But not with the best online sex toys available in Malaysia.

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Do you think your male friend from social media is in love with you and you want him to spill it out? Well, you can check out the following tips on how to make him be frank about his feelings:

  • Try to tell him as well that the feeling is mutual. Sometimes, a guy may not be able to tell his feelings in words, but he will do it in action. Yes, and this is why you can respond through those actions. You can make him feel that you feel the same way and thus, it is okay to express his feelings. 
  • Try to make him feel important and that you notice all the good things he has done to you. You can also show appreciation both in action and in verbal. This way he will utmost is scared to lower his guard and he will have the courage to express what he feels. 
  • Enjoy some time with him. Every time he asks you out for a friendly date, you should show him that you have a great time and that you enjoy his company. It is one of the best things to show to him that you also favor him. 
  • Your goal is for him to be more comfortable when you are around, and another way is for you to also show interest in the things he is interested in. Of course, it does not mean that you have to fake it as you might end up resenting yourself. The bottom line is, if you have common interests, you can let him know so he will also know what to plan if he wants to be with you. 
  • You should not assume too much. And most of all, you should not also be the one to spill out the beans. Note that sometimes, it is all in your mind like maybe, he is like that to other girls as well. It might just put you in a tough spot. What if he is just being friendly? your friendship will really end as for sure, you cannot contain the embarrassment. 

Yes, you can encourage someone to tell you the truth if he really likes you. This way, your love story will start. Do you know what can make a guy stick to a girl? If she is great in bed! That is right and if you love a guy so much that you are willing to go all the way, you can use sex toys in Malaysia. Have you heard about them? You can buy them online! You can even try this yourself and see how it feels. You might like the experience.