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Introvert Guideline To Be Friendly

When you hear the word introverts, most people will immediately think of someone that is super shy and super quiet. Well, in some cases it’s true but the real definition of an introvert is not that, an introvert is someone that feels more comfortable in focusing of their inner thoughts and ideas and most introvert usually feel more comfortable to have a small circle of friends rather than a big crowd of friends. If you are an introvert that sometimes struggles to be friendly and make new friends here are the perfect guideline that you can follow to be friendlier

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Quality Over Quantity

When making new friends, you want these people to have the integrity, principle, and belief that you can connect with. It doesn’t have to necessarily be the same with you, but as long as you feel like you can have a connection with them, then you’ll be able to build a new friendship with them. That is why it’s important for us to practice the belief of quality is better than quantity. 


Have The Same Interest 

While some people might say that it’s important to get out of our comfort zone, there’s nothing wrong with staying in our comfort zone. Finding new friends that have the same interest as you, will help you to create a more strong and deep bond with each other. A most introverted person usually enjoys personal activities like reading, watching movies, creating art, or maybe playing the online casino at mega888 apk. And finding someone that finds happiness and comfort in the same thing can help you to create a strong bond with them. 


Branch Out Of Your Comfort Zone

While there’s nothing wrong to stay inside your comfort bubble, there’s also nothing wrong with bursting the bubble and try new things. If you feel comfortable getting out of your comfort zone, then do it. Who knows maybe you’ll find a new interest and you’ll make new friends with people that you never expect you’ll be friends with. Challenge yourself one step ahead and it’s okay to take a small step in trying new things. 


Embrace Your Strength 

As an introvert we don’t really feel comfortable in being the center of the attention or being someone that leads other. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t have any strength that we can feel proud of. Instead most introverted person make the best types of friends because they’re a good listener and someone that can empathize with others in any situation. And not to forget that most introverted people gave the best advice. 


Socialization Is Different For Everyone 

Just because you have a small circle of friends doesn’t mean you are bad at socializing. The terms of socializing are different for everyone, and as long as you enjoy being surrounded by these people doesn’t matter a large group of friends or a small circle of friends. What matters is that you feel comfortable with their company and you feel like you don’t have to act a certain way to impress them.