Time fibre Malaysia

Time Internet Services With The Right Solutions

Internet supports the three most common means of connecting equipment, such as copper pair, fiber optics, and radio frequency, making it possible to build a distributed network by minimizing the amount of cable required with redundant circuits for critical areas. Also, using the Internet Protocol (IP) you can transport data, voice and video. You can Time fibre Malaysia and get the best results.

Time fibre Malaysia

The Right benefits
Among the benefits that can be expected when implementing an internet network for the entire company, we could highlight the reduction of the total cost of ownership of the network, improve communication between applications, optimize the availability of information and maximize the return on investment in information technology.

  • By obeying standards approved by independent organizations, the prices of the components are adjusted to a free market economy and the main difference between internet equipment and those of the industrial variant are the mean time between failures (MTBF) that are longer in more demanding environments, in which the temperature, humidity and vibration ranges must be wider.
  • With an internet network properly linked to an Industrial internet platform, any of the applications used in the company can be accessed from any PC connected to the network. In this sense, with a single security plan for the entire company that complies with accepted standards, it is simpler to distribute the information, facilitating remote support to mining operations, since the expert in any matter does not need to be in the operation to solve an emergency.

Only with an internet network throughout the company can it be possible to interconnect or integrate applications as diverse as systems based on PLCs or DCSs, ERP, cargo dispatch, access control and voice. The integration between these systems allows reducing reaction times in the event of a failure and minimizing its consequences, keeping better production statistics and making better asset management without increasing the administrative cost.

In today’s world, new technologies are part of our daily lives. Having an Internet connection has gone from being a luxury complement to a basic service, so having good coverage and loading speed is vital wherever we are.