Top 3 Fast Food Chains

One of the first things that comes to mind while travelling is where to find your favourite meal. Fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s, KFC, Starbucks, and Domino’s Pizza are thankfully available all over the country. The top three best fast food services in the world are listed below. Most people love to dine at fast food restaurants including people who work as one of the best global market trading brokers


Despite the disposable nature of restaurant consumption, some firms have equipped themselves to weather economic downturns by generating steady, sustainable growth over time. The world’s top restaurant firms, as measured by market capitalization, are often holding companies that own a number of subsidiary chains. We will begin to list down the best three fast food chains below.


  1. McDonald’s


McDonald’s is the world’s leading fast food store. This restaurant chain has 35000 locations in 119 countries. McDonald’s has almost 68 million customers every day. That is more than the whole population of the United Kingdom.


McDonald’s flagship food is the hamburger. Every second, the company sells 75 hamburgers. McDonald’s also serves chicken burgers, French fries, desserts, and soft drinks, among other items.


Richard and Maurice McDonald started the McDonald’s company in San Bernadino, California, in 1940. McDonald’s now has over 1.7 million employees worldwide.


This multinational food corporation has joined with a host of entertainment corporations to become the world’s largest toy distributor.


     2. KFC


Kentucky Fried Chicken, or KFC, is the world’s second biggest restaurant chain. Harland Sanders founded the company in Kentucky in 1930. Harland Sanders’ illustration is commonly used in KFC commercials and logos. KFC currently has 18875 outlets spanning 118 countries. Every day, KFC serves almost 8 million consumers in the United States alone.


The recipe for KFC’s flagship food, pressure-fried chicken bits, is still unknown to the rest of the world. It is held in a secure location in Louisville, Kentucky. KFC discards chicken bits that have not been sold within 90 minutes to ensure freshness. KFC’s menu also features chicken burgers, popcorn chicken, and a number of finger foods.


     3. Subway


Subway is a fast food franchise chain with 42174 stores in 107 countries. Submarine sandwiches and vegetables are the company’s main items. Customers can choose from 38 million different subway sandwich choices. On a daily basis, it serves 7.6 million sandwiches. Subway, in fact, makes enough sandwiches to fill the World 14 times in a year.


Subway’s flagship food is the submarine sandwich. However, the service’s items differ depending on the venue. Other common subway items include roasted chicken, tuna, subway club, subway melt, and chicken teriyaki.


In conclusion, we all love eating fast food, and these companies might be one of your favourite places to eat or buy food from. But always remember that these fast foods are not the healthiest things you can eat, and to always eat fast food in moderation. Too much fast food is never healthy for your body and can lead to diseases such as heart disease and the risk of being overweight as well as the complications that come with it. For more articles such as this one, click here.