Web Design 101: 10 Things Web Design Agencies Provide

One of the first things you should when starting a web design project is research. Before taking any major step, your agency and your website developer should first understand the nature of your business, your target customers, and the industry you are in.

Before taking on the wireframing stage, you should first ask your users about what they want to see on a website like yours. Then, build the wireframe and user interface design based on their answers.


After creating the wireframes, start fleshing out the web design. Finalize the font styles and colors you want to incorporate, as well as the pages you want to include.


After all the visual direction discussions, it’s time to build. Piece together your research, design and wireframes to create a functioning website. This is also the time to ask for a standard website quote.

Written Content

Many website design agencies don’t include content creation in their service offerings. However, if you want, this can be included in your quote as separate items. This is quite understandable, since written content can take a long time to make.


Are you looking into putting a series of icons and illustrations in your web pages? Just discuss it with your developer, in order to come up with illustrative requirements. This is not included as a base level requirement.

Digital Marketing

All website practitioners should have website codes with most efficient SEO practices in mind. If you want to implement digital marketing and SEO support, it should be considered as a different project.

Video and Photography

Several website design firms don’t include photography services in their projects. However, with your request, they can incorporate some stock photos. Work with them to develop a distinct set of images for your pages. The same process should go with video materials.